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Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

When it comes to wedding invitations, there are so many “rules” and certain forms of etiquette to follow, which can easily become overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating. This guide will completely erase all of those feelings and replace them with confidence that your invitations will speak to your voice while following (or not following) the typical wording "rules."

  • What's Included

    - Guidance on how to find your wedding voice/tone
    - Wording strategies with worksheets to help you write your invitation and have it done within minutes
    - Wording for special circumstances and all kinds of family situations
    - Examples of real wedding invitations (with personal info changed for privacy)
    - Dozens of wording examples ranging from formal to quirky for you to choose from and/or be inspired by
    - A checklist and recap section for quick reference
    - Plenty of space for brainstorming ideas
    - Bonus info with regards to invitation extras and awkward situations
    - Relgion-based wedding friendly
    - LGBTQ+ friendly

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