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Photo Credit: Laura Foote

Christina & Scott · June 25, 2022

I hired Tani for my complete wedding stationery, which ended up including all of the mailed invitations, RSVP cards and return envelopes, many fun day-of designs, like a bingo card! And even my thank you cards, that were very on brand and elevated thanks to Tani’s beautiful script and design. 

I wanted to work with Tani because I saw her latest wedding work on her Instagram and it was SO dreamy!! I was blown away by how beautiful it all looked, and was thrilled she could work within the price point I was trying to stay around. It was amazing working with her— both my wedding planner and I were so excited to see every design she came back with, and her ability to anticipate what we’d need was impeccable. For a newbie to getting married (me) it was the reassurance I needed that choosing to work with Tani was the best decision. 

Tani exceeded everyone’s expectations— mine, my husband, my planner, my photographer!— and that’s saying a lot because I’d seen her work and knew it would be beautiful. 

It was so amazing, that I had guests giving me back my own invitations, framed, to hang in my house! I heard over and over again from guests that they had never seen such an amazing wedding invitation, and “they almost felt bad sending the RSVP back because it was so beautiful.” 

Working with Tani is a dream, you will not be disappointed!

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