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Photo by Courtney Delano Photography

Jayme & Nick · June 24, 2017

I hired Splash of T Design because of the quality of work and passion that goes into everything this company does. I had seen her work in another wedding and was blown away by how beautiful and perfect everything looked. I had also been admiring the work of Tani, the owner and designer, for years and knew there was no one else I wanted to help me with my wedding. I was lucky to have Splash of T Design create my Save the Dates, Invitations, Escort Cards, Party Favors, Programs, and Thank You Cards. 


Tani was so easy to work with. She was so kind, understanding, helpful, patient, and funny since she knew what I was going through after having gone through the rigors of planning her own wedding. She is also extremely talented and knew what I wanted even when I did not. She was organized and always anticipated when things needed to get done based on my wedding date and timeline, which was a huge relief to me since I was busy worrying about everything else! I put my complete trust in her and she went above and beyond everything she said she would do. Tani was so professional in sending me final drafts of everything before they were sent off to be printed, and I especially loved when she sent me pictures of her work in progress. It was so exciting and I felt like I was a part of the process. She showed me just enough so I would get an idea of what was going on and then would blow me away by the finished product.

I could rave about all of her products but the one that I was most in love with were the invitations. Her attention to detail, such as hand-stamping and hand-lettering the outside of our invitation envelopes, was a huge part of what made my wedding perfect. She not only carefully designed each product, but also put time into adding personal touches you could not get from simply ordering printed invitations online.

My husband and I met in Africa and we both love to travel. Tani incorporated both of those themes into our invitations by cutting beautiful African print fabric by hand to incorporate in the invitation and hand-stamping a compass with wax to bundle the complete invitation, which acknowledged how important travel is to us. Her penmanship is gorgeous and I was grateful to have her address the invitations and write each escort card (we had escort bookmarks!) in pristine hand-printed calligraphy. Tani also personally stamped and mailed each invitation out to everyone. It is thanks to her thoroughness that each guest received their invitations and she even caught a few of the mistakes I had made when I sent her my guests' addresses. So many friends and family texted and called me personally to tell me how beautiful their invitation was. I could not have been happier. 


I can’t help but talk about the programs as well. Tani made adorable infographics to let our guests know more about us and the wedding process. During the reception, I had so many people tell me how much they enjoyed reading it and many friends also told me that they want programs just like mine for their future weddings too.   


To be honest, I definitely had tears in my eyes when I saw the final products. You can see her passion for art and all of the time and effort she spent in the quality of each product. Splash of T Design went above and beyond my wildest dreams and I cannot wait to work with her again for my next big life event! Thank you again for everything you did Tani! 

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