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5 Unexpected Materials other than Paper to use for Your Wedding Brand

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Why limit yourself to just paper when it comes to your wedding invitations? There is an endless supply of all kinds of materials to get creative with when inviting your guests to one of the most important events of your life. Although nothing is wrong with paper (and many impressive things can be done with it!), it may be worth exploring some other options too!


If you have an outdoors wedding, it may be interesting to bring in a wood element, especially if your venue has wooden chairs, tables, decor, etc.! I sometimes like to incorporate wood into the invitation belly band (the band that wraps around the invitation suite), or use small wooden cross-cuts or pinecones as escort cards.


Marble is becoming a trend in weddings, especially when used as escort cards! Hand-lettered names on small marble tiles can offer your guests a pretty and elegant souvenir, and is an ideal option if your wedding is held in a windy area! These tiles won't blow away and can even function as weights if necessary :)


Using natural elements in your wedding suite can be both beautiful and resourceful! Instead of paper escort cards, consider ordering hand-lettered leaves. Attach dried flowers, leaves, or herbs to your wedding favors, include a dried flower in your invitations, use found materials in your backyard to create stunning centerpieces, the list goes on! For my own wedding, I just used a ton of pinecones from my backyard in combination with old birch rounds as part of my centerpieces!


This can be a less conventional way to go for a more modern wedding invitation suite! If you live in an urban area and love the city, maybe a paper invitation is too conventional and you want a more exciting option. Plastic, vellum, acrylic, or frosted invitations are a modern, trendy, and unexpected material option to wow your guests with! Basic Invites offers some nice selections of clear and frosted invitation options for those who want to design their own!


For a really unconventional option, metal invitations could be super exciting and interesting! The metal can be die cut, engraved, colored, you name it! I personally love the way these look, they're so clean and people never want to throw them away because they're so beautiful and fun to feel and look at. Keep in mind that metal will be very expensive and heavy, meaning you will need to pay extra for postage and printing. However, if you are looking for a striking, modern look and feel to your suite, this could be a perfect option for you!

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