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Post Office Confusion

I originally thought I was the only one who struggled with the post office and not understanding why things cost so much to send, and why I sometimes received two different quotes from two people at the same office for the same parcel! Apparently even postal workers are confused by the system haha

Anyways, I just wanted to offer a couple tips for managing your wedding stationery postage!

1. Most standard wedding envelopes will need at least a couple of stamps. 2 Forever stamps generally covers it, but anything over 1 oz will require extra postage for sure. Sometimes you can get away with 1 Forever stamp and 1 Extra Ounce stamp instead of 2 Forever stamps!

2. For rigid invitations like a 1/8-inch thick acrylic invite, it cost $3.50 per envelope! I was told that because it is rigid, it will not fit through the machine and therefore must be mailed as a parcel. This price will most likely go up with the postage rates increasing this past January :(

3. For invitations that are lumpy (for example, invites with wax seals, belly bands made of ribbon or twine, any sort of twig or natural element, etc.), or have white ink addressing on a dark envelope, I find it best to play it safe and go with 2 Forever stamps since they typically need to be hand-cancelled instead of run through a machine because of the unevenness.

4. A great way to save on postage is to use postcards for the RSVP cards! This way you can use postcard stamps instead of Forever stamps! Another bonus here is saving envelope costs and paper :)

Always better to be safe than sorry, but if you want to be extra careful, you can always check with your post office to get an exact quote. If a client ever needs me to mail invites out for them, I always take a practice sample there first to check the postage, then get it double-checked before I drop them off to be mailed to ensure they will get delivered.

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