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Photo by Daniel Colvin Photography

Rebecca & Kyle · March 10, 2018

While planning my wedding, I fell into a common trap: I knew exactly what I wanted my invitations and stationery to look like, but I lacked the skills to take the vision in my head and turn it into a tangible product. As a trained librarian, English teacher, and lifelong reader, my life revolves around the written word, and it only seemed fitting for my wedding to absorb this love of literature into its core design. I looked everywhere for the right stationery, but the big name sites had nothing, and Etsy was full of kitchy designs that lacked the elegance I was looking for.


I spent several months playing Goldilocks, and it wasn’t until my best friend recommended Tani that I found the designer whose vision fit ‘just right.’ She took my vague idea of Harvard Classics and book templates, and turned it into an invitation unlike any other. Her flawless design brought the story of my wedding to life, and my guests loved literally turning through the pages to get a closer glimpse into our own fairy tale. The RSVP cards were modeled off vintage catalog cards, and a retired librarian even commented on the authenticity of the design! To top it off, each one was lovingly hand-addressed in Tani’s beautiful calligraphy, and sealed in wax to give it that final, finishing touch. All my guests raved about her work, and were awe-struck by her excellent penmanship.


Though I initially thought I would only need the invitations, as every bride knows your initial plans fly out the window in the end. Fortunately, Tani is nothing if not flexible and punctual, and was able to work around my crazy schedule to create programs and personalized labels to attach to my wedding favors. At first, I wanted to avoid programs altogether, since it seems like that one piece of paper that goes straight into the trash at the end of the reception, or its found flying throughout the countryside, a forgotten, expensive piece of litter.

Tani’s ability to condense all the information in a traditional program onto a gorgeous bookmark allieved these fears, and each guest receieved yet another unique piece form her collection that could be recycled as they dove into their next read.


Each piece piece Tani created was unique, but stayed true to the overall vision of the day, blending seemlessly into the overall design of both stationery and wedding. She was very responsive throughout the entire process, and worked tirelessly to make sure that every last detail was perfect. While she always gave us plenty of options to choose from, my husband and I usually ended up agreeing with her suggestions—the expert knows best! She even had the extra hurdle of working with clients in another time zone, but she didn’t let that phase her. Everything was done in a timely manner, and when I was overwhelmed and behind, she was always there as an extra support system, and friendly reminder to keep on track. Looking into the future, I know that any time I may need stationery to mark a landmark, or a friend or family member looks for a recommendation, Tani is the only name I will have on my list.


As I try to sum it all up, I find it hard to express how much I value Tani’s work. The memories she’s crafted are so tied into the flood of emotions I felt on my wedding day, that there are no words to express how much I value her work and her presence throughout this time. Simply put: I cannot imagine my wedding without her subtle, graceful touch. And I think that says it all.

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